Welcome to the worst sales page of all time!

You are here because somebody sent you to sign up for the upcoming training. So, let’s not waste any time with idle chit chat and get right to the details . . .

1) The training is done live for 8 weeks. By “live” I mean live. There are NO recordings or replays. If you miss it, you miss it.

2) The training will be on Wednesdays 10:00 – 11:30 CST (It usually goes 2 hours. Plan accordingly.)   Plus, there will be a 1 hour Q&A on Fridays 2:00-3:00 CST.    The next SEO training will begin Wednesday, September (TBA), 2024.  

3) There will be a Skype group for discussion and support during the 8 weeks. I’m going to be there to work with you. And the group also tends to have some of the top SEOs around bouncing ideas back and forth.

4) The training will cover:

  • On page optimization (3 weeks)
  • Local SEO strategies (2 weeks)
  • Links/traffic (1 week)
  • Other SEO Tactics (2 weeks)

All of the content is based on tested data (published and unpublished) that I use to rank stuff right now. It includes a lot of things that I don’t talk about publicly. This is not like anything else you’ve seen. (Just ask prior participants. Really. Go ask.) And most importantly, it works very very well regardless of what algorithm Google throws at you.

5) The training program uses Cora a lot. If you do not have Cora, I am shocked! What kind of SEO are you? But I’m going to hook you up with a deal. And then I’m going to give you the Cora reports that I have created to determine how to rank in any niche and the math is all done for you.

6) The program is designed to be used with live sites that you are trying to rank right now. Each week covers the “why” and then dives into the “how” for you to implement in the week between sessions.

7) Because it’s an interactive training, the enrollment is strictly limited. No, this is not a fake scarcity ploy. There is a limit to the number of people I can support personally.

8) And that brings me to the final thing you need to know. This is not a “course”. You do not sit and consume the information. It operates more like a bootcamp. I show you how and then you execute the steps surrounded by other talented SEOs doing the very same thing. You have me helping you for 8 weeks as instructor, coach, cheerleader, and sometimes with a kick in the butt. What can I say? I really want you to have better rankings. But you need to be committed to getting the work done as I’m not going to rank your sites for you . . .

The price is $8,497.

Guess what? There is no “Buy Now” button.


You have to apply.

If interested, reach out to me on Skype. My ID is TestItAll. We will chat and see if we are a fit for each other. That’s right, I don’t take everybody . . .

. . . because this is NOT for everybody!

If you are already ranking well and making money from your SEO efforts, this training will amplify your results.

  • If you are looking for the magic, set it and forget it easy button, don’t sign up.
  • If you are a newbie, don’t sign up.
  • If you don’t have a website for yourself or clients that you are trying to improve rankings, don’t sign up.
  • If you are the type of individual who likes to sign up and cancel, don’t sign up. There are NO refunds anyway!
  • If the time does not work for you, don’t sign up.
  • If you like learning theory without taking action, don’t sign up.
  • If you don’t like having your SEO ideas challenged, don’t sign up.
  • If $8497 is too much money right now and investing it will put stress upon you, don’t sign up.

Why Am I Making This So Difficult?

I know this training works. I don’t know you or your willingness to apply the material. In my experience, the person looking for guarantees and asking about refund policies is seldom the one who will take action now. I’m looking for a specific type of person who will roll up their sleeves and get things done with zero excuses. THAT person will take the information and use it to multiply results. If that sounds like you, let’s chat on Skype!

(P.S. Looking for an upsell? There isn’t one. I know, I know. No upsells? No fast action bonuses? No countdown timer? No 1000 ranking charts going up and to the right? No picture of me and my Lamborghini? Intentional sales friction? What kind of sales page is this? Hey, this is just 8 weeks of me personally coaching you in a small group setting. No BS. If you are ranking things well right now and want to accelerate your current results, you should do this. If this is not for you, why are you still reading this? Seriously. Most people already went to send me a Skype message or gasped and closed this page when the price was revealed. Oh, that reminds me. There are no payment plans either . . .)

Still have doubts?8