Wow! You are soooo cynical. (I’ll bet you’ve been burned multiple times before.) Well, the good news is that I like the cynical ones.

Here are results and comments from those who have completed the training. At this point, several governing bodies require that I remind you that these results are not typical. Your mileage may vary. Results depend on your effort, the current search engine algorithms, the competitiveness of your niche, the absence of technical issues with the site in question, and hundreds of other factors which cause SEOs to answer every question with “It depends.”

But the biggest difference is that these SEO badasses took action rather than spending time reading the results from others thinking “Yeah, right…”

Wall of Honor

Darrin Marion took part in the 2021 training.  His life was unexpectedly cut short in the middle of the training course,  but his legacy for helping people improve and change their lives continues on in his honor. 

Craig Ramsay

"Lee Witcher’s Tested SEO Training is by far the best SEO course I have taken. During the training I worked on a website for a new local client in the competitive home boiler & heating niche. The previous SEO agency couldn't get the client results after a year. When applying the strategies that Lee teaches, we saw huge jumps in rankings across the board within days, many of our main keywords moving from page #10 to page #1 overnight! Forget all the "SEO gurus", this training is the real deal."

Ted Kubaitis

SEO Tool Lab

"It's the best SEO training I have seen in my career. I have yet to see it's equal. It is 8 weeks of learning Lee's method and putting the lessons to use each week and sharing your results in real-time. Using only Lee's techniques I was able to take a new website from not ranked to number 1 on Bing and Google (for a mid competition term) in just over 5 weeks. The fewer people who know this information the better. So, Shooo! Shooooo! Go away! This is not for you!"

Carolyn Holzman

American Way Media

I had the honor and benefit of knowing and practicing the SEO concepts contained in Lee’s course almost 2 years before he opened up the training to others. I had been involved in seo testing at the beginning prior to any groups and fully appreciated the value of “punching Google in the face to see what happens”. It didn’t take long to see that Lee’s approach to testing and how he applied it in the real world, has taken the actual practice of SEO to another level. I am and will remain grateful that he shared and continues to share his methods so that we can all become better SEOs. Better SEOs in that whatever we do is more effective, repeatable, and update-proof SEO for our own sites and our clients’.

His training is uniquely challenging. It is not the content that makes it so. Within the training he demonstrates that he has already done the hard work of testing and he shows his work - in fact, in my opinion, in this training Lee both GIVES you an SEO fish AND shows you HOW to SEO fish.

The challenging part of the training will always be letting go of what you think you know or believe about SEO. There are no tactics, no seo “du jour” that works now but likely won’t in the future. This training when applied produces staggeringly positive, repeatable results that we all have and continue to achieve.

The training gets to the heart of the principles of SEO and applying them so that the world naturally opens up for the trainable SEO. If we know why something works in Google, we can see how many different ways there are address specific deficits. While we may need to tweak and tune a page over time, the principles remain and guided by Lee’s training we quickly can discover what changed and see specifically where to apply pressure.

Another side effect from this training was that I fell in love with Cora, the seo tool used in the course. Prior to that breakthrough, a Cora report was like a wall of impenetrable data - great to know, but constantly frustrating me on how to implement the data into the page. To be able to understand what it was saying and provide a way to access the message of a Cora report is worth the price of admission.

If you are like many of us, skeptical after spending thousands of dollars on SEO courses in the past that were just dressed up tactics about to stop working because they had already been exploited by others and leave you back where you were before buying the course, understand this. There is no affiliate payday, no leaderboard, no financial incentive to share our results and successes. It’s that good.

Martin F

"During Lee's SEO training, I worked on several pages in the finance niche. One of the most important keywords for me is crypto related, where I basically started at zero. The page dropped after a Google Core Update and never recovered since then.

In the meantime, the competition got even harder. We are talking about Forbes and other brands of a similar size in the top 10 here.

What you are seeing in the chart is Google's usual dance with a page it doesn't really know what to do with. On some days it's in the lower half of the top 100, on others it's even out of the top 100...

After I applied the tactics I learned in Lee's intense SEO training, the page reached the top 40 the first time after 7 (!) months and went straight to #33. Short time after and further optimization it's at #13 now, and I'm not even finished with applying Lee's tactics yet. So, I'm VERY confident I'll hit my former position again soon!

This stuff works. Period. If you are looking for a way to skyrocket your SEO game, look no further. Lee's your man!"

Everhardt Strauss

Vinay Karanam

"I would highly recommend Lee's mastermind to anyone for 2 reasons:

1) Unlearn the crap from all the industry noise. Then apply and test the methods you learnt from his mastermind to fine tune your skills. Application of methods doesn't guarantee results but rather help you think and approach SEO in a methodical and analytical way. This approach has helped me figure out holes in my SEO methods and refine my approach towards my future marketing projects.

2) Once you're done with step #1 then utilize the mastermind group for support to fast track your process, keep up to date on what’s working and what not with likeminded industry folks.

As per my personal accomplishment, I've knocked out my quick Bing wins for a competitive KW that started generating immediate recurring revenue ($400/month) for 3 hours of work.

Then was able to rank my premium affiliate KW (6.6k/month) to top 3 in 5 months with no link building, just on page methods taught by Lee."

Mohd Lateef

Rank Metro

Jumping from one SEO course to the next, I kept chasing “gurus” to learn how to do SEO effectively. That is until I found Lee’s training! I don’t think I will be buying another course from the so called “gurus” ever again! Once you take Lee’s training, you will have a paradigm shift in the way you think about SEO; and I am not exaggerating!

We are able to do on-page optimisation so well that for some keywords/pages, we are on page 1 of Google from the get go! 10 days after publishing a page for a reasonably competitive keyword, we are at the top of page one!

M. Lateef

7th of April 2022

Mohd Isse

I recommend Lee’s course to anyone who is looking to incorporate data into their seo decision making. Lee breaks everything down with math and teaches you the backend of the formula. Below is a client site that I worked on during Lee’s training. By the end of the training the client ranked in map pack as well as being ranked #1 for organic search. If you are having trouble with organic or map rankings take Lee’s course.

Benjamin Stace

Affiliate SEO

I’ve have been involved with SEO in one way or another for over 20 years and have been personally mentored by some of the biggest names in SEO (including the biggest in semantic SEO). A huge benefit with Lees training is it gets straight to the point and is so low cost to implement. I have taken large affiliate terms from position 7 to 1/2 with just half the the recommendations that Lee teaches. If you are a serous SEO this is the training for you.

PS Lee also does not let the gurus and course sellers into this training. Which keeps the tactics live for much longer.

Ben Stace
Affiliate SEO

Bret Moleta


Ranking in Google is the holy grail for any website. Anyone who has a website wants to rank on Google for their chosen keywords. The higher you rank, the more traffic you get, and the more traffic you get, the more sales or leads you generate. It's a simple equation that is at the heart of why SEO is so important.

At Mindsaw, we are a small SEO company that primarily focuses on local SEO and Google Maps Rankings, and our primary focus is on small to mid-sized businesses that are struggling.

GR Locksmith is one of our clients, and we helped them rank their website on Google. Last year when we signed with them, their website wasn't even ranking for their main keywords. However, after a few months of SEO work, we managed to get them onto the first page of Google for many of their desired keywords through a combination of on-page SEO and off-page SEO.

Lee's course on GEO and HTML articles was one of the primary methods we used to help them rank. This was a huge win for them as they were getting more leads and sales from their website than ever before.


While we have been successful in helping GR Locksmith rank on Google, these are the few challenges that we faced:

  • Some of their keywords are ranking low in downtown areas where most business is. 
  • Not appearing in Google Maps for some of their desired keywords
  • Niche related keywords are not getting much traffic due to area coverage. 
  • Won't be able to maintain the same position for a long time


In order to help GR Locksmith rank better for their keywords, we used Lee's course on GEO and HTML articles. This course was instrumental in helping us understand how to optimize their website for Google.

  • We optimized their website for local SEO
  • We created GEO Neighborhood and City Pages. 
  • We created Niche and GEO HTMLs and linked back. 
  • We made sure their website was mobile-friendly and fast
  • We built backlinks to their websites (Citations, PR, Social) 

Factors that Contributed to Their Success

There are a few factors that contributed to their success in ranking on Google:

GEO Relevancy

One of the main things that Lee's course focuses on is GEO Relevancy. This is making sure that your website and all of your content are relevant to the area you are trying to rank in. For example, if you are a locksmith in Toronto, then you should create separate content about "Locksmith" and the area "Toronto." Why? Because Google will rank you higher if your website and content are relevant to the area that you are trying to rank in. This is something that Lee recommends in his course. We also added additional content about Toronto to their websites, such as blog posts and articles.

Niche and GEO HTMLs

Another focus of Lee's course is on Niche and GEO HTMLs. These HTMLs are specifically optimized for search engines. 

We created only a couple of these HTMLs and it worked great for the GEO and Niche relevance. 

The Results

Thanks to Lee's course, and our implementation of his recommendations, GR Locksmith is now ranking on the first page of Google Local  for their targeted keywords in more areas than before. This has resulted in a significant increase in traffic to their website, and it has also helped to increase their sales and leads.


Following Lee's course on SEO  has helped us rank our client higher on Google. We have seen a direct correlation between implementing his strategies and seeing an increase in our client's rankings. We would recommend this course to anyone.

Clint Butler


Lee is ok, I guess

People who know me understand that I take a lot of courses and test a lot of tools to help with search engine optimization.  Having gone through so many courses, it oftentimes turns into a case where you’ve “heard it all” and are just looking for that one gem you can walk away with that will make your investment (time and money) back by a couple of degrees.  In the case of Lee’s training, I got a ton of new implementations off old ideas and new ways to leverage tools like Cora.

By following a lot of the things he talks about in the training I was able to better refine my own process by implementing things he suggests or changing things I was already doing to better take advantage of data points I otherwise ignored.

This has allowed me to bring client sites (both fullment and consultation) to new heights, with one making an monthly average of over $120K a month (Ezoic ads, information site), one increased rankings (rehab), and one with increased rankings and local area take-over (locksmith, top 100 city in the US).

As with anything, results may vary, but if you come into Lee’s training with an open mind to finding a couple new gems, its definitely worth the investment.


"Testimonial to Lee’s Training??? I would rather not!!! Its so good – that I don’t want to anyone else to know about it.
Lee’s training is unique and extraordinary, Unique in the way it teaches/forces you to think, and that, opens up a lot of ways to implement what is taught.
It is extraordinary in the way that even if you apply a portion of what is taught – you will see phenomenal results.
If you are looking at a scientific, Tested, Data based method of doing SEO look no further. THIS IS IT !!
I have had the pleasure of attending this training multiple times and I learn new stuff every time I do it. I have implemented a portion of what’s taught on this training to a couple of sites – and the results have been mind boggling.

Like for example
One website moved from position 69 to position 13 in four days. Real estate niche with high competition – Country India
Another one moved from not within first 100 results to position 19 in a weeks’ time. Education niche – global.

And these are results from implementing a part of what's taught.

Just don't overthink this. Get in while it lasts"

Robert Portillo

Watch Robert's Testimony here!

Michael Nyugen

I’ve taken many courses when it comes to SEO and this one stands out from the rest.  Lee’s SEO course is the most comprehensive SEO training out there.  There is nothing else like it on the market.  The course goes over-tested ranking factors and how to apply them on-page and off-page.  In addition to that, the course is organized in a way to help you get repeatable results that are low cost.

If you come with an open mind, your understanding of how SEO works will be quite different from before due to how the course utilizes data.  The term data scientist is thrown around a lot in today’s marketing world and when it comes to SEO, this course uses a lot of it.

Pictured below are my results with the execution of one concept on a client site.  Keep in mind that your results can vary being that is the nature of this industry.

Justin Morgan

SEO Specialist

Lee's approach doesn't just make works! Within days I got substantial lifts in my rankings. The best part is he teaches things that other SEOs don't know. Everything I do throughout the program lifts my rankings. I'm going through the course a second time and I'm still implementing things from the first go round. I expect to rank everything #1 in the near future.

Roman Barnes

Over my 15+ year career as an SEO I have spent something to the tune of $100,000 between Software and Training. I can hands down say with absolute confidence that this is the best advanced SEO training on the market today. No fluff, no nonsense, straight to the point. Backed by testing and data, Lee equips you with what you need to rank. I think I can let the results speak for themselves. Want to know the best part about the charts below? This is before any external SEO efforts.

Roman Barnes Case Study pdf

(Oct 2022)

Chris Price

“Lee’s Tested SEO Training class was completely eye opening. It took me to a completely new understanding of how Google is looking at web pages and how they are trying to determine which pages are the most valuable to show in their search results. I would highly recommend Lee’s course to anyone who does any sort of SEO. The investment will pay for itself many times over. I can now sleep at night knowing that I am able to deliver the value that I am promising my SEO clients.”

(Oct 2022)


I’ve been through a lot of SEO courses. Nothing comes even close to Lee’s training. A lot of gurus out there selling tactics and methods that barely work. This training is like cutting through all the noise in the SEO world and focusing on and implementing stuff that works over and over again. I was blown away from the very beginning of the training. Parallel with the training; I implemented the methods on a few projects. As we started implementing stuff from week one up until week eight, our rankings were constantly improving, and we started ranking for many new keywords. After this training, I feel confident getting projects in highly competitive niches, and without a doubt that I can produce page 1 rankings. I feel grateful that someone recommended this course to me. After this training, I do not feel the need to go after other courses/trainings. I feel so much ahead of the other SEOs that haven’t participated in the training, and I have this weird feeling that I do not want other people to learn about this training and the community that Lee has built. But just in case one of the weirdos recommended this training to you and you are here… don’t think about it. See you on the other side.

(Oct 2022)

Mark L

I'm not an SEO by trade and run my own business. I recognised the importance of internet marketing and stumbled on Lee's course through their SEO discussions on Youtube. Their approach to SEO resonated with me, especially as they test and provide quantitative evidence to support their claims.

In the first few sessions, what really impressed me was Lee's ability to articulate and conceptualise SEO. These were ideas that I previously had but to have them set out clearly in a framework was very helpful.

The way the sessions were run were also very hands on and lots of participation. Other members were able to comment and provide their own takes on SEO and approaches which adds to the overall course content.

There are a lot of knowledgeable SEOs in the course and they still continue to take the course.

In terms of results, I've implemented most of the on page strategies but to varying degrees of success. I've yet to implement the off page strategies but will do so in the coming weeks. It should speak volumes that I endorse Lee's course and I haven't even completely implemented it yet. I'm planning to sign up to the next session if only to get access to Lee and the other SEOs who are attending.

(Oct 2022)

Daniel Calleja - SEO Training Group 7

Daniel Calleja

Daniel Calleja - Case Study image - Tested SEO Training Group 7"I am thrilled to share my experience with the Tested SEO training course. The training is an absolute game-changer for anyone serious about improving their SEO skills and producing exceptional results. The training thoroughly debunks common misconceptions and myths in the industry using proven testing and solid data. The skills I have acquired through this course have been phenomenal and have allowed me to achieve significant growth in traffic, rankings, and call volumes for several local pages. I went from struggling how to use Cora, to being able to utilize it in the most effective and efficient manner and now could not imagine doing SEO work without it.

Lee is an excellent instructor, with a teaching style that makes even complex concepts easy to understand. His SEO knowledge is exceptional, and he has a genuine desire to help others succeed. I particularly enjoyed the bootcamp-style approach where we were able to test Lee's tested suggestions and judge for ourselves.

The benefits I received from this course are invaluable, including a profound insight into Google's algorithm and its ranking criteria, minimum viable SEO techniques that maximize profits while reducing expenses, debunking of SEO myths, insights into free and low-cost resources and methods that work, and a significant increase in confidence in producing results in a shorter time.

Overall, I highly recommend Tested SEO training to anyone looking to significantly improve their SEO skills and take their business to the next level. Not to mention that fact that these techniques do stand the test of time making you far less susceptible to radical fluctuations which affect many SEO's every time a Google update rolls out.

If you are concerned about your investment, consider this: what value would you place on the ability to rank for almost any keyword in the shortest possible time? Is that something you could quantify?

My only regret is not having taking this training at the start of my journey. Thanks Lee, Ted and anyone else who made this training possible. I loved it and will be back for more "

Feb/March 2023 Training Class

Dan-O Donnell - Tested SEO Training - Group 7

Dan ODonnell

Crevand SEO

Crevand SEO - The great part of the training has been the logic and data behind it. The Cora analysis and the simplification of link building were insightful. There are some things about SEO that I had believed because I had read them or heard them over and over in groups, chats, or conferences but when you match these theories against data, they fall apart. I did my taxes this weekend and was a little shocked to see how high my agency’s expenses were for copywriting and link building. So, I spent an hour and ran some numbers. By implementing a different model for link building and new on-page strategies learned in the course, I can save myself $55,000 to $60,000 this year with better results. Money in the bank and worth every penny, X 10, that I paid for the course.

Feb/March 2023 Training Class

Andrea Soldano

Talented people don’t show off, they show data. Lee witcher’s Tested SEO Training is a life changer. It’s an honour to get in his classroom. Following his lessons I have been able to hit page one after 30 days with a brand new domain. 

As a gifted mentor, Lee possesses the unique ability to break down complex concepts into easily digestible pieces, allowing students to grasp and apply the knowledge quickly.

His passion for SEO is both infectious and inspiring, and he generously shares his wealth of knowledge with a level of patience and humility that is truly remarkable. The fact that one can achieve such outstanding results within a short span of 30 days is a testament to Lee's exceptional teaching abilities.


Domain Registration date: 2023-02-28


First Keyword on Page 1: 29-03-2023 (1 month later)

No links yet (waiting to send your PR)

Andrea Soldano Case Study - Tested SEO Training - Group 7

Feb/March 2023 Training Class

Tested SEO Training Graduate, Alex Jackson Headshot

Alex Jackson

"The power in Lee Witcher's training resides in both tested (proven) SEO techniques, and surprisingly, mathematics. Long gone are the days using just keywords (strings) and backlinks to rank your properties. Now we are dealing with Natural Language Processing, Entities, and the complex relationships between words and concepts. Lee not only covers these newer factors in his training but provides mathematical formulas for dealing with how to apply it. Many more secrets and techniques are covered in the training such as traffic manipulation, and highly relevant backlinking for both local and national strategies. Additionally, the caliber of the SEO's in Lee's group is simply worldclass. I found great confirmation that such a ZERO bullshit group of SEO’s also trust and use Lee's training. Lastly, I think the most powerful thing I learned with Lee is how to SIMPLIFY my SEO process. It's not a shotgun approach of blasting your properties with random untested techniques, but instead very specific, tested, and measurable ways to move your rankings to the top."

Feb/March 2023 Training Class

Pim de Burger

Tested SEO Training Gradaute July 2023

Do you live in Europe and are you curious if this training is right for you? Keep reading!

To answer the question right away, Yes, this training works just as well for people outside the U.S. You'll be amazed at the new insights you'll gain and the results that will follow.

Still curious? Let me share a few of my results with you.

During Google's March update, my site was affected, as you can see in the image below. I had tried various things, but I couldn't get my site back to its previous level until I started Lee's training.

Let's start with the effects I experienced from the March Core update. You can see that I had a significant drop in organic traffic.

You can see that I had a significant drop in organic traffic.

This also applied to my organic keywords.

You can see that I had a significant drop in organic keywords.

Before trying Lee's training, I experimented with various approaches, but unfortunately, I saw little to no improvement in both organic traffic and organic keywords. The training started on May 10th, so the image below can be considered as the baseline measurement.

Before trying Lee's training, I experimented with various approaches, but unfortunately, I saw little to no improvement in both organic traffic and organic keywords. The training started on May 10th, so the image below can be considered as the baseline measurement.

And now we've reached the most exciting images, namely the results after completing the training:

And now we've reached the most exciting images, namely the results after completing the training:

And now we've reached the most exciting images, namely the results after completing the training:


I have experienced a growth in organic traffic from 7,966 to 12,129, which is an impressive increase of 52.24% Additionally, my organic keywords have expanded from 9,398 to 17,773, showcasing a remarkable increase of 89.18%

Attention: Read my disclaimer!
Results depend on your Motivation. Make sure to listen to Lee, take notes during the lessons, apply them immediately, and most importantly, ask any questions you may have. Because you can see the difference in my case when I was just trying things randomly versus when I started optimizing my pages with a specific strategy of this training in my mind!

Tested SEO Training Graduate

New TOP SEO Company

Proof of Results / Testimony

Lisa Parziale - Tested SEO Training - Group 7 Testimony

Lisa Parziale

Agency Remix

I have been an SEO for over 2 decades, building my first site in 1997. I am a highly successful SEO with an amazing team of TOP SEO’s. I built processes that have worked for years, and we are amazing at what we do. However, we were never sure of what EXACTLY worked and didn’t work. I went on a mission to find out what was needed vs not needed. Lee has been a HUGE part of confirming for us what was working and what likely was not.

When Lee came out with a course, I knew we were in immediately. When my lead SEO and I attended Lee’s course the first time (we have gone through now 3 times), I expected to garner some nuggets. Since I don’t do most of the SEO myself anymore, I chose a topic I loved and decided to build a new site. I had a domain and it had content on it but not much. It had minimal indexing with very low rank.

I did my research and the top 2 people that were ranking for my keyword were:



I figured, hey Bob makes too much money anyway, let’s try to beat Bob!!

I started my SEO when the course started – and did not do a lot to the site. To be honest, we got busy, and I had to focus on other things. But I spent the first 5 weeks doing everything, in order, that Lee told us to do. Then I had to drop from the course (too busy) and went on to ignore the site for 4-5 months.

3 hours work total over 5 weeks.

I’ll spare you the surprise here… we beat Bob.

But we also beat AMAZON!!

Lisa Parziale Case Study - Tested SEO Training - Group 7

Was it a hard niche? Not too hard, but for 3 hours work, I now rank #1 and #2 for a very lucrative affiliate keyword. With a little love and polish to the site, we can quickly bring in a few affiliate bucks.

This was only ONE keyword. Many more changed and if I put in a little more work, I would likely dominate this niche (when I get time).

Lisa Parziale Case Study 2 - Tested SEO Training - Group 7

  • 45 keywords – 41 out of 45 improved
  • My average position went from 144.91 to 28.33
  • I know have 8 top 3 keywords
  • 25 top 10 keywords


Fun stuff. But seriously, the main thing we garnered from this course was clarity. The exact reason we took the course. We verified much of what we were doing was working well and we should keep doing it. We identified some things we could likely skip or reduce work on (saving my company time and money = higher profits).

But we also learned some super awesome secrets that helped me rocket this new site so quickly. And of course, we are now implementing those secrets into our process and into our client sites. This course is worth the $$ hands down.

Lee has been a friend, mentor, and collaborator with me for a long time. Much of what he teaches, I already knew (drinks at the bar at many conferences or learning on my own). But every time I attend his course, I learn more. Lee tests stuff. He figures out WHAT works so we can stop doing what doesn’t.

The caliber of people in the course are fire and Lee has some heavy hitter friends who drop in. I’ll enroll again and again!! Thanks Lee (and Honey, Ted, Carolyn, Clint and everyone who has attended with us or dropped in).

Feb/March 2023 Training Class

Eric St-Cyr

Prostar SEO

Lee's classes are simply the best ROI I have ever experienced in any of my SEO investments...on the other hand, a voice in my head keeps saying: “Don't talk about it, keep the secrets to yourself."


"I ( was moving up and down page one for the keyword SEO Quebec, never able to get and secure 1st spot.

Cora showed that I was weak in entities, being skeptical of Lee’s strategy, I didn’t want to lose time rewriting my page and just dropped 1000 SEO-related terms (LSI and Entities) in hidden H2 and on the Title Tag.

Within 2 weeks I took 1st spot on the map and the SERP, never moved down since. Even the English page, where I did nothing, went up at the same time to the #1 spot. (Probably the link between the 2 carried entities weight)

One thing, I wasn’t expecting was to get positions 5
to 7 for the keyword “SEO” below long blogs on “What is
SEO”, Wiki and other similar page, all of this with my
money page."

Tony Kummer

Lee’s class was incredibly valuable for me as a business owner and amateur SEO. 

Over the years I’ve stumbled onto things that work (and don’t) but had no organizing method for improving search performance. Random tips & tricks can work, but I wanted to learn a repeatable strategy to win the SERPS important to my business. 

The insights from TESTED SEO TRAINING made an immediate difference in several of my important webpages. The following are broad match informational keywords at the top of a niche specific sales funnel. 

Before / After applying course homework and seeing page-level results

Another winning page before / after

Not every win was that immediate, some of my pages were already very competitive in the SERPs, but Lee’s methods always helped to broaden my keyword impressions across authority pages. More importantly, I have a roadmap to improve for more long-term gains as well.

Beyond the class time, Lee spent several hours outside of class in private coaching calls to make sure I understood the process and had the tools to keep moving these projects upward.

This stuff works - In applying the lessons from this course I gained confidence for new projects. I’m launching several new websites with much larger traffic potential. I’m planning to repeat the workshop and accelerate my efforts to help these new projects succeed.

Tony Kummer -

Simon B.

My Results of applying what I learned on Lee’s training


A mature site (16 yo) was chosen because it is our most important money site. The site contains 6 main silos, and each silo contains multiple smaller sub-silos. The site had suffered a substantial drop in rankings across the board after the July 2021 Google Core Update.

One silo was chosen to apply Lee’s recommendations because it was felt to be a good candidate to gain from being tuned. Although many of this silo’s keywords ranked towards the bottom of page 1, it was hoped to push them towards the top of page 1. This silo (‘BA’ on image 2) contains 56 keywords with individual search volumes up to 1,100/month. These keywords range anything between US$6-US$15 for Google PPC.

Image 1 shows the time range from when Lee’s course started until 09 January 2022. I started applying Lee’s recommendations around 19 October and the final tunings were done around 02 December. These dates are marked on image 2.

Rankings across the site

During the period there was a Google Core Update in November as well as further Google updates in December. Image 1 shows the rankings for the WHOLE site (848 keywords in UK national search, and London, UK search). As image 1 shows, the site overall has suffered a fall in rankings across these 848 keywords during the period.

Performance improvement for the tuned pages

Compare this with image 2 which shows the performance of the 56 keywords forming the BA silo which was tuned. This graph shows both a large increase in rankings and traffic.

The tunings recommended by Lee were applied to 6 (1 category page and 5 product pages) of the 29 pages in the BA silo. All other pages (supporting articles pages) were left untouched. The rankings shown for the 56 keywords in image 2 are for these 6 pages that were tuned.

Reasons for attending Lee’s training

I’ve been doing SEO since 2005 and never attended training before. I decided to attend Lee’s training because of the fall in rankings we experienced from the July 2021 Core Update. By attending Lee’s training, I was hoping to gain some new insights into the Google algorithm, and how to rank. Although I didn’t manage to apply all of Lee’s recommendations due to my time constraints, I probably did about 80% of them.


To be honest, during the training I started getting frustrated because I wasn’t seeing any immediate big improvements in rankings. The training also took place during a time of big flux in the SERPS due to the Google updates. During the period of the training our site also took a big hit because of hosting issues, and GoogleBot crawling slowed down to only a handful of pages a day.

Taking all this into consideration I think these factors also played a big part in delaying the results of the tunings that I made. I think as image 2 clearly shows, you need to be patient before you will see results.  


Overall, I won’t pretend that Lee’s training was easy – it wasn’t. It was very fast-paced, and you needed a lot of focus to avoid missing key bits of information.

However, Lee clearly has some deep understanding of Google’s algorithm and how to rank and any experienced SEO who needs to take their understanding to the next level will surely benefit from Lee’s training.

You do need to plan on spending a lot of time to do the homework during the course. Before the course I hadn’t quite realised that there would be such a time commitment for the homework, and clearer information in advance about this would have been welcome.

Overall, Lee’s training was a hugely positive experience, and I highly recommend it to experienced SEOs needing to take their SEO to the next level.

Jon Finch

Magician & Mentalist

I work in the entertainment niche in five major cities, and provide virtual performances globally. Using the tuning and link building methods taught in this training my overall site traffic saw a 25% increase in 50-day vs 50-day comparison, 57% increase. All 5 of my GMBs moved from #2 to #1 or #3 to #2, depending on the keyword phrase.

By the training's end, my site saw a 49% increase in Amzn Affiliate clicks (was not my goal, it just happened on its own), and despite his personality Lee's methods improved my processes for local, national, and global keywords, I got a 57% increase in impressions (from 925k impressions in the 50 days prior to Lee Witcher to 1.45m in the 50 days post Witcher).

Something I noticed about the impressions... Looking at the graph, it's not just that the line to the right of Witcher is higher, which it is — it is also a smoother line with fewer abrupt drops. For any lack of prudence or intuition Lee has a surplus of determination and unorthodox tactics that work amazingly well. My website went from a shaky 16.6k clicks to a very 20.8k clicks (25% increase). It took me a while before concepts clicked for me, and then get the ball rolling (and rolling in the right direction); so I anticipate a continued rise since it took me longer to implement.

I highly recommend this course, ignore the rumors you may have heard about Lee Witcher because his methods are effective and that's what matters, not his personal history, poor judgement, what he's doing in massage parlors is not relevant. A+, 5 stars, 100% I would take this course again (and indeed I will next month, just in case he lets some other Witcher gems slip that I missed this first time around).

Jonathan Byrd


After talking with Lee for several years I really trusted what he would tell me because it was always scientifically based. When he set up a course I jumped on board immediately as I knew the price of the course was a mere pittance compared to getting access to all of that knowledge. 

One of the biggest advantages I have found from the course isn't the "you will get immediate rankings increase" but the increase of statistical awareness that allows you to systematically tackle SEO from a repeatable model. 

This course isn't a magic bullet, but if properly applied, you will glean the knowledge that is required to be a top SEO. Lee is always available to give insight or knowledge and if he doesn't know something, he will tell you.  He really cares about your success and application of the material.

All in all, don't look at the price - just buy it and rest assured you just invested in yourself and it will pay off with some good old fashion work. 

Jonathan Byrd

Ron Spinabella

Spinabella SEO

After being self-employed and doing my own SEO for my own businesses, I started doing client SEO in 2016. I took a few courses and became proficient in ranking for low to medium competition terms in Google.

In 2020, I began working as an in-house SEO for a regional insurance broker in Chicago that was looking to grow their business and reach a national audience. About a year into the campaign and after making significant progress, I wanted to take things to the next level. I realized that my methods were not working as well as they once were, and I needed a set of fresh ideas.

I purchased Cora SEO software after it was recommended to me by Carolyn Holtzman. I made significant gains using the software, but those gains seemed to plateau after a month or so. Ted Kubaitis, the owner of Cora SEO software had suggested Lees Course and I thought I would give it a try.

Lee’s training was like an out-of-body experience, the clouds parted, and I could clearly see the path forward with Lee's methods.

In the 8 weeks' time, I managed to triple the number of keywords my main money page was ranking for, while also increasing its traffic. This page is now reaching a national audience.

I now have a whole different outlook on SEO and how to apply it in the best possible way. Lee gave me a clear insight on how onpage SEO and backlinks together can push a page in the right direction. These methods are evergreen and I’ll be using them for the rest of my career. I’m extremely grateful that I found Lee and took his training, my SEO skills went from Intermediate to Advanced in 2 months' time. The course was worth its weight in Gold!

Emil Sandstrom

After taking Lee Witcher’s course twice and using what I learned in my projects, I can say that it was one of the best, if not THE best, investments I’ve made into improving my ability to deliver better results with SEO for clients and affiliate projects.

Lee’s course made me rethink SEO and change my approach with new insights into how Google works. How I understand SEO now is quite different from before taking this course. This is thanks to Lee’s insights from testing, his insightful understanding, and ideas shared by talented participants in this group.

If you consider this course, keep in mind that Lee's core training is only part of the benefit. It was a lot of interesting discussions and idea exchanges in this course that I found very valuable. If you gather all your best questions for the Q & A sessions, then I’m sure you have a very exciting learning experience in addition to core training. I say this because, in my experience, people who take Tested SEO Training are generally very knowledgeable and resourceful, and someone is very likely to have the answer to your questions or bring you new ideas you didn’t think about before.

Even before implementing what I learned, I was in no doubt that I was going to see a significant traffic increase and even WHY this was going to be the case. It all made a lot of sense. Lee presents his findings in a very clear and organized way, and it will challenge you in how you engage with, think about, understand, and apply the ideas covered.

Once I applied Lee tested tactics, I was not surprised to see better organic positions, more clicks, and better exposure. This was not the case right away with each target page/keyword of course. Sometimes I need to go back a change some things to figure out where I’m falling short. The great thing is that I have more clarity, so I know what to do and identify the most important bottlenecks, even when things don’t work out as planned in the beginning. I feel much more equipped to solve SEO challenges and win hard SEO battles now than in October when I started learning from Lee. Here are some of my results from applying what I’ve learned just to give you a sense:

Site #1

The total increase in clicks and exposure at the Domain level
- I began tuning in November 2021. After a second revision to the on-page tunings in January, I was #1. Clicks increased significantly on the domain level also.

Main money keyword jump to position #1

Site #2
The total increase in clicks and exposure at the Domain level

Mark Does

Lee course was excellent, whether you are new to SEO or a season veteran of SEO you will learn many valuable gems. His use of Cora is second to none...even Ted was writing some notes... 🙂

On-page is now more important than ever and Lee's course will elevate your skills and you will 100% take your SEO to the next level. His Data based approach to SEO will be an eye opener for anyone.

Kamal Nassouh

Disclaimer: walk into this course with an open mind, everything you’ve ever thought you knew about SEO is a lie!
"iron out your zeros" is what I remember recall lees training.
Coming into this course, I was doing the same old repetitive stuff that you see that GURU's were showing on YouTube and Facebook..
Lee's course is different, after completing this course you'll not only have a sound understanding of how algorithms work.
You will completely CHANGE your SEO game for the better.
When I get a new client, it's no longer can we rank for a keyword but WHEN.
This course will make you think like an algorithm, show you the easiest and fastest way to rank.. Last but most importantly it will reshape the way you think about seo PERMENANTLY.

Take the course, it’s the only course you’ll ever need PERIOD.

Jasmine Placide

Amazing course, you literally see results in days!!!! I use the Lee's strategies for every single one of my clients, and we are killing it!!!! What I love the most about Lee's course is how EASY you can implement and rank. He is always available during the course in case you need to run something by him. Him and his wife kick ass and are the sweetest instructors in the industry. We all LOVE THEM!


I saw the rate of impressions for my local service business website rise 270.3% by applying Lee’s techniques.

(The 0.3% is there to make it seem more convincing because round numbers make me suspicious someone is bullshitting me. I swear it’s legit though: the real number is 270.269838% if you really care to know, nerd.)

Now I have the toolset to do it on my own, and I don’t consider myself an SEO, so if you think you aren’t ready for this just chill out, ask your “stupid” questions and profit.

I’m a local business owner who has spent a lot of time and money trying to “figure out” seo. Lee’s training is the shortcut to ranking and staying on page one. If you value your time, and you should, then this is the best use of it. You will save yourself literally years and thousands of dollars by biting the bullet and ponying up the cash for this course… Actually, no. Don’t take the course.

I don’t want you to know how to do SEO like this. You’d be better off scavenging leftover scraps of tips and tricks from guru’s that don’t, or won’t, test their techniques to see if they actually work. You really should go back to spending your free time taking notes from randos on YouTube or Facebook. That’s truly the best use of your time. So, shoo, go away. No SEO here for you.

Bryan B

Why am I glad I took Lee Witcher’s SEO Training?

Because real-world data back all the concepts he brings to the table. Frankly, I also love that what he presents just makes logical sense.
There are no “magical shortcuts” given – you’ll have plenty of work to do to implement the concepts he teaches. My mind has been racing with how I can put the ideas Lee presented into practice across all of our corporation’s sites.
There have been some short-term wins - which are of course nice. Now that I’ve figured out how to implement this knowledge into our day-to-day processes, I’m expecting even more success in the next few months. As all SEO’s know, some tactics just take time to work – and I’m looking forward to the benefits bearing fruit.
If you are the type of person that thinks they know everything about SEO, it’s not the class for you. However, for the remainder of us, there’s a lot of value just waiting to be absorbed and used.

(Oct 2022)

Ivan Juras

First of all, I have to say that I didn't expect too much from the course, being a guy who buys every SEO course under the sun -- and regularly gets disappointed.

It was a pleasant surprise. Lee taught me things I'd never heard of before. The thing is, they all make sense: I actually learned how Google ranks websites.

Lee's course is different in that he doesn't just teach you tactics that come and go. He teaches you how search engines think, and then gives you the tools to build your future strategies.

My specialty is local SEO, but I've also done national a little bit. My problem has always been expanding my client's visibility beyond a 3-mile radius. Lee showed me how to look at local SEO from a completely different perspective.

I was able to increase the ranking radius of a very difficult service to 10 miles after implementing the changes on one of my clients' sites.

Right now I'm in the process of creating processes and automating things I learned in Lee's training. It's not a guessing game anymore. It's the best money I've ever spent on any SEO course, training, bootcamp -- whatever. I'm literally rebuilding all of my processes across my entire client deck.


(Oct 2022)

Brian Kato

Case Study (Oct 2022)

I was impressed that with just a few tweaks to the on-page could yield a 5x return on top-3 keywords in less than 30-days.

My biggest takeaway from Lee’s course was how to leverage Cora. I’ve stated this several times throughout the course and to people interested in taking the Tested SEO course — if you use Cora reports, this is the missing manual you need.

Kevin Roy

Feb/March 2023 Training Class

Gabriele - Tested SEO Training -Group 7

Gabriele A.

I am a 20-year-old entrepreneur who fortunately found Lee in his life. I have to be honest, although I have spent more than 4 years in SEO, I have never seen such powerful SEO methods. Thanks to Lee, I got a client in the gaming-gambling niche and got results in just about 3 weeks, which has boosted my reputation a lot and will help me get more clients and succeed in my entrepreneurial career.

Feb/March 2023 Training Class

Carl Chapman

My journey in SEO and lead generation began in 1995, and over time, I gained experience working with national agencies and international brands. I believed I had a solid understanding of my field, but it wasn't until I enrolled in Lee's course that I realized there was so much more to discover.

As the adage goes, you don't know what you don't know.

Throughout the eight-week course, I gained a wealth of actionable insights. I applied these techniques to optimize website performance, boost traffic, and implement local SEO strategies. Additionally, I incorporated the learned methodologies into my client projects, resulting in positive feedback from their respective agencies.

A key takeaway from the course was learning to establish a testable and adaptable process for SEO work. As a long-time Cora subscriber, the course enlightened me on how to utilize the tool more effectively, transforming my approach to data analysis and my overall perspective on SEO.

The class participants proved to be an invaluable asset. While the SEO field is crowded with self-proclaimed experts, this course assembled a group of genuinely exceptional professionals and innovative thinkers. Their groundbreaking observations often required deep contemplation to fully comprehend, revealing previously unexplored pathways and approaches.

The saying that you are the company you keep holds true. By engaging in this eight-week course, you'll experience growth not only through the knowledge acquired but also through the relationships you cultivate with fellow industry leaders.

I highly recommend this course as an investment in your career.

Feb/March 2023 Training Class

Olga Zarr

Olga Zarr


Tested SEO Training is awesome and different than any other SEO course or training out there. It has little theory (just the most important gist with no fluff) and tons of practice. If you do homework every week, you will probably have better results during those 8 weeks than you have had in a past few years of your SEO career. Not only was I able to double the traffic on my company website and double the number of keywords I rank, but I also nailed local SEO for my client who is in a very competitive niche. Just take a look at those two screenshots and I have many more to share!